Whether it's creating an engaging design, shredding some backcountry powder, or relaxing with the family, my goal is always the same. In everything I do, I strive to create a lasting and meaningful memory.

Life has a funny way of drudging by when you want to get somewhere and flying by when you finally seem to arrive. Whenever I go on exciting adventures or fantastic vacations, I always take a moment at the beginning to stop and remind myself to take in every moment because inevitably I'll end up thinking "where did the time go". If you're like me the best moments in life are those shared with someone else. Designing, to me is more than just a job or hobby, it is a way to share in someones life; their dreams and ambitions. 

Thoughtful design, at it's core, is taking someones idea and making it into a reality. 



Photography courtesy of Luke Cleland.